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Sending Thank You Notes can be a tedious job, but we all want our loved ones to know how much they are appreciated. Why not make the cards fun? Use some creative writing to jazz up the notes. Here are a few ideas:

1. Change the Point of View. When my daughters were young, I would write the Thank You Cards as if they had written them.

Dear Aunt Becky,

I love, love LOVE the’ Sings Outrageously Loud’ doll! My SOL Doll likes to play hide-and-seek because I keep finding her in strange places. Her best hiding place yet was the cupboard above the refrigerator. Oh, and mom said to tell you “thank you” for inheriting your balance and climbing skills. It took a chair, a cooler and three books to reach the top of the fridge, but I did it! Anyway, can’t wait to see you again!

Love you bunches,


2. Or, if you are old enough to write your own Thank You Notes, write it from the Point of View of the object you received.

“Dearest Frank,

Life as a gift card for Jessica is proving to be quite interesting. Barely was I out of her birthday card when I was whisked away to the bookstore and used several times during one stay. Our first purchase was a cup of steaming hot milk and coffee. She ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ and enjoyed the relative silence of the bookstore. After perusing the shelves for two unbelievably relaxing hours, she finally selected a hardcover, gold-edged copy of The Complete Works of Mark Twain. Sadly my duty as a gift card is spent and I am now retired in the recycled cards bin, but I’ve met a lovely Happy Graduation gift card and our relationship is going nicely.

3. In the event that the Thank You Note is for an event, try a Top Ten List.

My Top Ten Memories of the Bridal Shower you gave me:

10. Meeting my fiancé’s Aunt Fanny and learning the origin of her nick-name.

9. Eating chocolate cake shaped like a bridal gown.

8. Opening silky pajamas and slinky undergarments in front of my mom and Aunt Margie.

7. Playing the ‘How well do you know the Bride?’ game when my entire life was whittled down 20 moments of joy (and embarrassment).

6. Becoming the new owner of three sets of kitchen towels and four cookbooks, none of which are on our registration.

5. The beautiful meal that must have taken you days to prepare.

4. The invitations you hand-crafted.

3. The careful way the tables were set with stunning flower arrangements.

2. The little notes from everyone who attended, sending my fiancé and I prayers and blessings.

1. The fact that you love me enough to do so much.

Bonus Memory: I love you too!

4.  Wedding Gifts. The pile of gifts that all require a hand-written note. Combined with a new marriage, a honeymoon and the entrance back into life as a newlywed, and the chore of writing a stack of thank you notes is enough to strain even the most gifted writer. Take a picture of you and your new spouse using the gift and add a short note:

Making breakfast with the toaster “A Toast to you for the hot gift!”

Waffles with the waffle iron “This kind of ironing we like!”

Doing dishes (happily!) with the new dishes “A cup, a plate, a fork, a spoon, we hope to share a meal with you soon”.  (My apologies to the real poets!)


Have any more creative Thank You ideas? Please share! And happy writing!


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